Is your vehicle ready to navigate the hottest time of the year? Often times plain old preventive maintenance is the key to keeping you on the road and prevent costly breakdowns. Prior to driving your vehicle in the hot summer months you should have your vehicle inspected to insure that a potential problem can be avoided. A visual inspection is always something that can easily performed. Cooling system level, Radiator cap gasket, Antifreeze strength, Signs of leakage from radiator, Radiator and Heater hoses, Thermostat operation and Thermostat housing sealing surface, Cooling fan or Fan Clutch operation, Drive belt condition, Water pump leaks, Coolant Bottle condition, Temperature Gauge or Light operation. Check your A/C system for proper operation, Transmission fluid level and condition, Have your battery tested, Batteries are often over looked and nothing will kill a weak battery like high heat conditions. Always inspect your tires for proper pressure and wear. If your not sure how to perform these inspections then have your regular service center perform these inspections for you. It can save you some major repair costs and give you peace of mind while your planning your next trip.

Posted by FoxService on June 6, 2019